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>> Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I quilted this adorable jungle print baby quilt for Kathryn G. with all over loops and meandering.

Not a very good picture, but I loved the colors of this throw for Kristin P. I quilted it with an all over floral pattern. 

Here's a fun scrappy queen size for Jayme A. that I did with an all over meander.

Cute baby quilt for Marilyn G. quilted with stitch-in-the-ditch.

First of two Buggy Barn Christmas tree skirts for Anita W. with a double echo of the star quilted inside the star and loops in the background.

Here's the second tree skirt for Anita W. I love these. Maybe someday I'll have time to make one for myself...

Strip baby quilt with an all over floral pattern for Jayme A. I love this fabric line--City Girl by Kitty Yoshida.

Here's a beautiful Civil War Era sampler from Shelley B. I quilted feathers and swirls in the blocks, double loops in the sashing, feathers in the diamond border, stars & loops in the dark blue border, and feathers & swirls in the outer border. Whew!

I love this beautiful floral medallion in the center of this sampler quilt by Shelley B. I echoed the floral design in the center and quilted a vine & floral pattern in the background and blocks with leaves in the sashing.

And a second floral medallion quilt for Shelley B.

I did this beautiful Friendship Star lap quilt for Gayle W. with feathering in the background of the blocks, a double echo line inside the star, double loops in the sashing and feathers in the dark blue border.

Here are two more Underground Railroad quilts for Shelley B. I quilted them both with feathering inside the blocks, double loops in the sashing and feathers and swirls in the outside border.

And this Underground Railroad for Shelley B. has swirls in the sashing rather than the double loops in the other one. She does such a beautiful job with her piecing and fabric choices. I love these quilts!


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Quilting is good therapy. It all started about 18 years ago when I had two little kiddos running around the house in diapers and spent my days as a stay-at-home mom. I soon discovered that I needed something more interesting than sorting laundry to keep me going. That's when I discovered the joy of quilting. Now, years down the road, I've added another kiddo to the mix. We've said goodbye to diapers and hello to driver's licenses and college (yikes!), and I have many quilts behind me. I now have a studio in my basement with a long-arm machine where I keep myself busy quilting for others and for myself, too, when I get the time. I hope you enjoy looking at what I've been working on!

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